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Опубликовано: 20.03.2018

We have good news – the Biography Research Center  is beginning to operate. “Aitia” is a Greek word which has become the logo of the Center. It has several meanings:

1) source, foundation, the beginning of something;

2)  guilt, fault

Both meanings express the essence of our work: to be the source that can make people appeal to their individual memory, which preserves and creates the meanings of culture and our everyday life itself. The individual memory is embodied in the biography, it assumes itself as the beginning which makes the biography transform as the text of culture.

Turning to the biography of a person, family or generation is now gaining a peculiar significance in the situation where our everyday life is almost totally captured by the media and virtual space. Being in the space of media and virtual "reality" we lose guarantees and guidelines of authenticity: everything can be constructed. The problem of true evidence so widely recognized now, expresses our need for authentication. The sense of authenticity is passed from person to person by face-to-face communication (mostly, within the family), biography and life in its integrity.

The return of the culture of a person's biography to the memory (in its uniqueness and at the same time in conjunction with life) with the experience of all the "pedestrians of history" is the expression of our guilt towards everybody we used to neglect. We are accustomed to thinking that the book series ‘Life of Remarkable People’ makes the treasury of culture. But history passes through the Home of each person and causes all the genius of his humanity to be embodied in order to preserve the possibility of life itself.

When we call you to work together, we hope to get a common feeling to unite us.

There are several directions in the work of the Centre we tried to express in the structure of this site: biographycentre.org

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